Testimonials - Integrity Auto Sales

Integrity Auto Sales & Accessories is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We don't just say it, we do it. Here are a few of our customers who have testified to our level of customer satisfaction. Next time you're driving by, stop in and see for yourself.

Dear Robert,

We thought it was about time that we expressed our thanks to you for the quality care and service that you have provided to us over the last 12 years. The Sierra is the fourth vehicle that we have purchased from you. It won't be the last! All four vehicles have been a joy to drive. Your eye for quality and your meticulous standards have always impressed us. The newest addition is a true jewel and I will be proud to drive it. Many thanks again for choosing a top-notch vehicle. We will be looking forward to many more purchases from you. You will be highly recommended at every opportunity. Thank you once again.

Sincerely, Bob and Gerry Sun Prairie, WI

Dear Robert,

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to do business with you. I have bought many cars in my lifetime and must admit I can't remember when I have gotten such good service and super quality used cars. As you know from dealing with me that I take great pride in my cars and I look for quality in used cars that I purchase. Your honesty alone means a great deal to me. I guess I can thank my daughter for telling me about your business since she was the first to deal with you. You know your reputation has to be good for me to make two purchases of used cars within one year not to mention the fact that my daughter also purchased her car the same year along with her boyfriend. You have been honest and willing to make the best deal possible for all of our purchase even for Holly who at the time had never purchased a car on her own. Thank you again for the honesty and INTEGRITY that your company name portrays. You can be assured when someone we know is looking for a good quality used car, your name is the first to be given.

Tom Watertown, WI

Dear Robert,

We are very happy with our recent purchase of our fourth vehicle from your business. We are very satisfied with your work in finding a car that meets our needs and your follow-through was fantastic. You have a wonderful staff, including Roxanne and the people in the detailing area. I would certainly recommend you without question to anyone looking for a vehicle.

Thanks again for your excellent work. With warmest regards, Gary and Lynn Hebl Sun Prairie, WI

Dear Robert,

My wife and I would like to thank you for finding us a conversion van. We had been looking for over a year until we decided to contact you because of the high quality vehicles we have seen on your lot. I figured with the many requirements and restrictions my wife wanted on the van, that it would be a long time before we would hear from you, but in a few weeks we received a call from you and after viewing the van, our first reaction was, 'holy cow that is nice' and we knew we would be driving away in it the next day. We were so pleased with working with you that we came back and purchased another vehicle for you, because there is no question that we were dealing with integrity and quality at Integrity Auto..

Sincerely, Gary and Sue Madison, WI

Dear Sir,

It seems prevalent no matter where my husband and I travel that most business people are simply out for themselves. They have forgotten such words as honesty, courtesy, kindness. I also believe that a vast majority of people are afraid to visit a used car lot because you often times hear such horror stories. Well, sir, here's a story with a happy ending in Sun Prairie, WI. We were not firmly decided to buy a truck or van since we live in Texas, but decided to just look as we were vacationing here. We visited many large auto dealers and each one acted put out because we asked for their help in showing us a vehicle. Our last stop was at Integrity Motors in Sun Prairie and we could not believe how well we were treated. We found the perfect van for us and the owner of Integrity worked with us on the price we are enjoying our new van today. In closing, don't go to the dictionary to look up the meaning of integrity. Take a drive down and visit Robert Blume and his very pleasant wife at 246 West Main Street, Sun Prairie, WI and you will see, in action, the true meaning of the word Integrity

Norma Crystal Beach, TX